Aged Care Home / Hostel in Sydney

Within our Village, we have a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Hostel on-site.


Willoughby Retirement Community Hostel is a residential aged care facility comprised of 29 studio apartments, each with a large bathroom and balcony. Our Hostel is located at 1 Warrah Street Chatswood adjacent to WRCA’s Self Care units at 36 Douglas Street Chatswood and accessible by a a short pleasant walk from our self-contained units via a covered bridge across Scotts Creek, frequented by ducks, echidnas and water dragons.


Willoughby Hostel currently has the maximum 5-Star Rating plus the maximum 3-year accreditation.


This is the highest star rating awarded as shown on the Commonwealth website – My Aged Care – for excellence in the provision of aged care services to residents.


Willoughby Hostel is currently the only 5-star rated facility in northern Sydney.  Our overall rating is based on our performance in relation to Compliance, Quality Measures, Residents’ Experience, and Staffing.


Willoughby Hostel is a four storey building overlooking Muston Park and Scotts Creek. The Dining Room is located on the first floor, with large sitting rooms on each floor accessible by 2 elevators.


All village and hostel units are fitted with smoke detectors connected directly to the NSW Fire Brigade. The Hostel is fitted with a fire sprinkler system.


Entry to the Hostel or Outreach is in accordance with the Commonwealth Aged Care Act 1997. Current Government policy guidelines require placement on medical assessment and ‘needs’ basis.


Should a Self Care Resident be accepted for transfer to the Hostel or the Outreach program, the balance of entry contribution may be transferred towards the hostel or outreach accommodation payment.


Daily Resident fees for low level care are determined by the Commonwealth which notifies the Hostel regarding the means tested subsidy reduction for Residents and the fee which the Village may charge.

entry prices for aged care facility


All admissions are made on a “needs” basis requiring assessment in accordance with the Commonwealth Aged Care Act 1997. Apartments are allocated by WRCA’s Allocations Committee and a contract is agreed.


WRCA’s maximum accommodation payment for hostel or outreach studio units is $550,000 payable by refundable lump sum (RAD) within 6 months of entry date. Interest rates are determined by the government each quarter. To avoid prescribed interest payments from date of entry, 10% of the lump sum may be paid upon entry to our Hostel and the balance within 3 months of entry.


Only amounts that are permitted by the Aged Care Act or as agreed with you in writing are deducted from the lump sum and on leaving our care, the balance is refunded to you.


Alternatively, or in combination with a lump sum, a daily accommodation interest payment (DAP) is payable each 28 days at the interest rate set by the government at the date of entry –  for example, if at the date of entry, the prescribed interest rate is 8.15%, a 50% refundable deposit lump sum of $275,000 may be combined with a daily interest payment of $61.40 for the balance of $275,000.


The option to adjust the accommodation payment and pay a RAD, DAP or a combination of RAD and DAP is available at any time.


A proportion of our units are reserved for concessional applicants who are not required to make an accommodation payment.




Larger units are also available for hostel outreach residents with accommodation payments of $550,000 and for couples, including joint refundable deposits / entry contributions for two people sharing a two bedroom apartment or with different health care needs.


“Outreach” is a service provided by our hostel to residents living in self-contained units within our village and who require the full range of our hostel health care support and daily meals and social activities. WRCA is also an approved Home Care Provider for our self-care residents who prefer a more limited range of our home care services. WRCA is pleased to offer flexibility in aged care homes and levels of assistance for individual residents, including couples in two-bedroom units with different health care needs.


Initial assessment by ACAT (local hospital’s Aged Care Assessment Team) is required to the services provided by our Hostel or Outreach program, or for Home Care packages.


Annual Report of Directors & Financial Statements are available from the Village on request.

sample in-house hostel units, floor plans and photos
In-house hostel studios
  • Accommodation payment up to $550,000 per resident
  • Private ensuite
  • Balcony overlooks Muston Park or Scotts Creek
  • Central Dining Room
  • Activities Area
  • Assisted walks to Muston Park
  • Banksia Community Room on-site for family gatherings
  • Village units also available for outreach residents

View Floor Plan PDF:

Hostel unit plans