Our Self-Care apartments are located at 36 Douglas Avenue Chatswood – 14 town houses each with their own garden, and a separate 8 floor tower building of 36 units, each unit having 1 or more balconies overlooking Muston Park and Scott’s Creek.


Each apartment has a modern kitchen, en-suite bathroom, lounge area with balcony or patio.

We currently offer:

  • 3 studios;
  • 25 one-bedroom units;
  • 17 two-bedroom and 2 one-bed plus study units, each with 2 bathrooms;
  • 3 three-bed/3 bath with garden courtyard or 3 balconies.

Recurrent fees are used towards operating expenses of the Village including maintenance, cleaning of common areas, buildings, gardens, water rates, communal laundries, security lighting and our Hostel emergency assistance call buttons for each unit.


Recurrent fees for the studio and one bedroom units attract rental assistance from Centrelink, added to your pension, and which reduces recurrent fees by nearly half – to approximately $130 per week.


Additionally, if required, we also have aged care homes for a supportive and comfortable living environment for those seeking specialised care and attention.

entry prices – self care


Entry Contribution


Entry to self-care is by an entry payment which includes a non-refundable amount paid to WRCA. Non-refundable amounts are used to fund renovations.


Please apply for our Information Booklet and Disclosure Statements for further details.


WRCA’s board has the discretion to allocate a number of units to concessional residents or may agree to vary the current entry contributions.


Please ask about our flexible pricing options to suit your individual financial circumstances to ensure maximum government entitlements.


“Rent assistance for life” option for Studio/1-bedroom units


Ingoing amounts for studios/one-bedroom units at WRCA are set below the amount to enable government rent assistance to eligible pensioners (current entry limit is $252,000). This provides a life residency for eligible self-care pensioners at a net rental equivalent (after rent assistance) of approximately $130 per week – less than a quarter of the full pension – no other resident rates apply except electricity and phone.

An alternative refund option with a higher entry contribution is also offered.


A ‘partial refund while in residence in the village’ model applies to 1½, two and three-bedroom units and is also optional for one-bedroom units, if preferred. The non-refundable amount is a proportion of the entry contribution and is used in village renovations. After the first two years of residency, the balance entry contribution is refunded to you by annual instalment during your next ten years of residency (approximately $15,000 per year refunded to you for 10 years) and the remaining balance on village exit.


Rent assistance does not apply to the ‘partial refund in residence’ model.

With either option, if you leave the village before 2 years’ residency, the whole of entry contribution is refunded pro-rata to you.


Other details are as set out in the contract which is available from the Village.

sample unit options, floor plans and photos
"Partial Refund While In Residence" Option

Applies to 1½, two and three-bedroom units

  • beautifully maintained safe-haven
  • no water rates
  • no council rates
  • private balconies
  • next to stunning Muston Park and Scott’s Creek
  • units with multi-bedroom/bathroom – entry contribution from $625,000
  • partial annual refund ($15,000) to you for 10 years while in residence
  • security of tenure
  • new Woolworths around the corner
  • on-site care as needed
  • Manly or Chatswood City Bus at your door
  • move in and enjoy!

View Floor Plan PDF:

"Rent Assistance for Life" Option

One bedroom units and studios

  • Up to $225,000 entry donation
  • rent assistance for life for eligible pensioners (rental equivalent $130 per week)
  • security of tenure
  • no water rates
  • no council rates
  • fully maintained safe-haven
  • next to beautiful Scott’s Creek
  • on-site care as needed
  • 24 hours Vitalcall
  • Manly and Chatswood City Bus Stop at Village
  • Walk to brand new Woolworths
  • Muston Park at your door!